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Sia "Jumeik" provides services in a professional packaging of various types of products. Our masters are engaged in the production of a packing with departure on the territory specified by the customer.

Packing of freight on the client's territory – the most reliable variant of thorough preparation of goods to safe transportation, and also an opportunity to keep the box production process under control. At the same time, key actions on packaging of freight happen in the presence of the client and on the territory specified by him. Ordering this service, clients of Sia "Jumeik" have an opportunity to monitor independently all processes on production of a qualitative packing.

The complex service in packing of freight with departure to the customer provides such stages:

  • departure of masters on the territory determined by the customer for the purpose of carrying out a number of measurements;
  • preparation of the package of technical documentation necessary for future packing;
  • production of a packing in strict accordance with the requirements provided by the customer;
  • coloring of a packing packing;
  • delivery of products to the territory specified by the client;
  • unfastening of products in a packing;
  • installation of necessary indicators of freight;
  • fixing of seals;
  • sealings of products in polyethylene;
  • creation of vacuum conditions by air pumping;
  • final packing of a packing;
  • installation of packing fittings;
  • drawing marking on freight.

The production made by specialists of Sia "Jumeik" within service in packing of freight with departure to the customer is presented in the following photos:


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