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Functioning of many modern enterprises directly depends on existence of reliable, available and high-quality packing for the made production. During transportation and storage, goods are steadily exposed to various risks. Temperature drops, high level of humidity, and also physical influences of different types can leed to unsuitable of production and, as result, to large losses of the company.

The packing from wood materials is in stable demand among those enterprises which wish to keep their own goods in the original form. At the same time, progress does not slow down its course, and today in the market promptly wins popularity the new type of packaging – boxes from MFP. This material is not yet so known, unlike its analog – wood plates of OSB. However, the packing from MFP differs in a number of the unique parameters that favorably allocate it against the background of other packages, which are caused by features of this progressive material.

Features of MFP production

Multifunctional MFP plates represent wood-particleboard. These plates are made of thin long chip, which is fastened with high quality binders. The shavings are stacked in layers, thus the mechanical properties of the MFP are uniform throughout the product area.

The process of production of multifuntional plates is rather simple.  Initially, the raw materials are carefully prepared. Wood shavings are crushed, well dried and sorted. Further on the surface of split are applied the qualitative pitches containing melamine. The uniform layer of shavings and the synthetic glue applied on it carefully gets warm, pressed and cut off.

The unique qualitative characteristics of MFP are a consequence of uniform structure of the material. Such structure is reached thanks to careful distribution of shavings on the area of all product.

Advantages of the packing from MFP

Unique properties of multifunctional plates give the packing made of this material, a number of particular advantages, among which:

  • the increased level of durability of boxes and an opportunity to maintain considerable loadings thanks to what in such packing it is possible to transport heavy goods, and contents of boxes is reliably protected from damages;
  • considerable moisture resistance of a packing, and also resistance to deformation due to water influence: after drying, the packing returns itself initial appearance;
  • high steam throughput, thanks to which the freight inside is ventilated and located in a comfortable microclimate;
  • the fireproofness of the packaging, which keeps the product safe even during force majeure.
  • the eco-friendly packing which isn't containing and not emitting harmful substances;
  • the protection of the boxes from the influence of insects and from the appearance of fungus;
  • beautiful appearance of the packing and possibility of her additional coloring;
  • the most convenient processes of loading, unloading of boxes, and also their transportation and warehousing.

How to order the boxes from MFP

Specialists of Sia "Jumeik" are engaged in production of a packing from multifunctional plates. Our masters make the standardized boxes, and also carry out individual orders. Any packing from particle boards can be supplemented with fasteners, latches, fittings and other elements that increase the functionality of the product and make the use of such boxes as convenient as possible. It is also possible to paint packing in the necessary color and to give it the required esthetic properties.

It is very simple to order a reliable, convenient and beautiful packing from multifunctional plates – just fill the short form on our website. Our managers will contact you to discuss additional details of the order, to prompt the most successful decisions for the placement of concrete types of freights, and also to count the cost of products and to issue the order.

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