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Automation of loading-unloading works – extremely important stage of establishing the activity of any trade enterprise. Manual unloading of goods doesn't always pass properly. During the movement of dimensional boxes by workers manually, the packing is torn and breaks, and irreparable damages are put to freight. For this reason, each successful company makes a choice exclusively in favor of mechanized loading and shipment of production.

Competently organized loading process obligatory involves the use of special pallets. The wooden pallet represents a special construction on which it is possible to place any products during their storage, transportation and shipment. Pallets are special means of packing which is equipped with a flooring, and also a superstructure for an arrangement and fixing of freights.

The widespread introduction at the enterprises of movement of goods with the help of elevators led to a special demand for pallets of various configurations. This special basis for warehousing, transportation and unloading of goods possesses, as a rule, the unified form and the sizes. Pallets are economically advantageous as they take not enough place, are easy in operation and service. The key function of pallets is a transformation of storage and transportation of freigts into the most convenient and safe process.

Types of the wooden pallets Sia "Jumeik"

The Sia "Jumeik" company is engaged in production of wooden pallets of various types and configurations among which the key are:

  • Europallets – constructions with the overall dimensions of 800 mm x 1200 mm x 145 mm and with a standard loading capacity of 600 kg. Pallets are marked with the brand name in the form of an abbreviation of "EUR" and "EPAL".
  • Finnish pallets – pallets with the standard parameters of 1000 mm x 1200 mm x 145 mm and with a loading capacity of 750 kg. The pallets must be marked with the producer's  code and year of manufacture, as well as the brand with the abbreviation "FIN".
  • Industrial pallets – products the size of which is 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 1500, and loading capacity – 900 kg. Are externally similar to europallets, but marking on these constructions is absent.

We are also engaged in production of other types of standard and individual pallets for placement of any types of freights. Wooden non-standard pallets differ in bigger resistance to weight loadings. It is necessary to consider that the product placed on the pallet shouldn't protrude beyond the base more than 2 cm from each side.

Rather often for increase the safety of transportation of goods pallets are completed with wooden boards. We are engaged in production of type-setting boards for standard pallets of the sizes 1000 x 1200 and 800 x 1200. The pallet together with a board form a rigid construction which represents worthy replacement to an expensive packing.

Why it is worth ordering wooden pallets in Sia "Jumeik"?

Our company is engaged in production of wooden pallets of the different sizes which strictly conform to requirements of the ISPM 15 standard. All products undergo a thorough phytosanitary treatment and are subject to disinfection. Pallets of this sample are used for the international transportation of freights.

Masters of the company produce pallets of the standard samples, and also manufacture pallets to order. Individual constructions are developed according to drawings of the customer and in strict accordance with the provided technical requirements. If necessary, our experts will help to choose the most suitable type of pallets for concrete freight.

Addressing to Sia "Jumeik" to order wooden pallets, you receive:

  • attentive attitude to the client's requests, and also the help in choosing the pallet from competent specialists;
  • the pallets made of raw materials of the superior quality wit the use of progressive technological base;
  • the wooden pallets which are strictly conforming to the international standards and sanitary and epidemiologic norms;
  • ecologically safe constructions that are convenient to use, easily to repair and utilize;
  • full compliance of finished products with customer requirements, established parameters and features of the fright.
  • carrying out painting and marking of pallets if necessary;
  • flexible price policy;
  • short deadlines of production.

Do you want to order reliable wooden pallets made of environmentally friendly raw materials in accordance with the world quality standards? Call the numbers on the website, and our managers will help you to choose the most suitable type of pallet, calculate the cost of work and issue the order.

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