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Competent marking of freight is the same important aspect, as well as his reliable packing. Selected by all the rules packing combined with accurately put down marking guarantee the delivery of any products in a pristine and safe form. Qualified marking provides complex information on packing contents. Thanks to it, the workers making loading and unloading of a packing know how it is necessary to handle a product to avoid damages of goods.

Marking represents set of information inscriptions, special symbols and the standardized images which are applied to packing or directly to a product. These marks belong to the international standards expressed in the clear visual formulation.

Competently put down marking allows:

  • to provide complex information on packing contents;
  • to inform on rules of the handling of goods during its loading and unloading, and also at his transportation and placement;
  • to minimize risks of the freight damage;
  • to speed up the delivery process.

The main marking of a packing must invariably contain such key information:

  • name of the consignee (full or shortened variant);
  • the name of the destination (in a full form);
  • the number of the place of a concrete freight and the quantity of shipping objects in general.

In the additional marking the following basic data are indicated:

  • the name of the point of sending goods;
  • the name of carrier, and also indication of the departure station;
  • ailway marking which is applied on each individual object of transportation in a fraction format.

On each separately packed goods, special information signs are also applied, which provide the following data:

The package dimensions specified in centimeters;

Gross and net object weight in kilograms (depending on features of goods, it is permissible the fixation of quantity of products). Data on weight or quantity of freight may not be applied if they have been already specified in the main marking.

Special information is provided by manipulation signs containing data concerning admissible methods of the goods handling. Varieties of manipulation symbols, as well as the need for their application to different types of freight determine the standards or technical conditions for the products.


Keep away from heat Keep dry
Protect from radiation Protect from radioactive sources
Fragile. Handle with care Perishables
Temperature limitation This side up
Center of gravity Tropical packing
To open here To lift by the load
Not to roll No hand truck here
Use no hooks Sling here
 Impermeable packing  Not to stack
Stacking limitation Limited tiering
Clamp here Not to clamp