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Each work on transportation of goods is connected with the solution of a number of tasks. It is important not just to pick up the most suitable type of transport, to count an optimum route and to collect a package of important documents. For any kind of transportations, whether it be air flight, railway or sea flight, it is necessary to choose the most suitable type of packaging of goods. The priority task which faces each owner of business is delivery of production to the consumer without the slightest damages or losses.

Each type of a packing has the advantages and, certainly, shortcomings. Today, to the forefront comes packaging, which combines benefits of various materials and allows to protect contents from the influence of a complex of negative factors. The combined packing which consists of the strong wooden pallet and the easy cardboard corpus – one of the best variants for packing of not heavy and small-sized freights. Such packing allows not only to protect products from damages, but also does the process of transportation the most convenient and allows to cut down expenses on transportation.

The features of the combined packing from wood and cardboard

The combined packing is products which are made from two various materials. Sia "Jumeik" is engaged in production of the constructions consisting of the strong and durable wooden pallet supplemented with the cardboard corpus. Cardboard walls fasten to a basis by means of special metal staples. Such boxes represent a whole and aren't subject to disassemble. Inside the packing it is also possible to establish additional partitions or inserts which do this type of packaging more functional and universal.

The packing from wood and a cardboard is rather simple in production. The cardboard has low prime cost, and wood provides the high durability of a construction and allows to make the mechanized loading and unloading of a packing. The combined boxes are perfectly suitable for storage and transportation of most groups of products. The facilitated variant of the packing corpus made of a cardboard allows to transport small-sized and not heavy freights.

Combination of advantages of packing from wood and cardboard in the combined packing

Boxes which consist from a wooden basis and the cardboard corpus combine benefits of both materials. This type of packing promptly gains popularity due to its such features:

  • the most convenient processes of loading and unloading of a packing, as standard wooden pallets allow to use the equipment and to mechanize these procedures;
  • high level of stability of a strong basis to weight loadings;
  • a possibility of packing to resist to moisture penetration, temperature drops and vibration influences;
  • safe boxes which don't contain and don't emit ecologically harmful substances;
  • strict compliance of products to the international standards of quality and possibility of their application for international transport;
  • an opportunity to optimize costs for transportation thanks to light weight of the combined packing;
  • universality of the use of boxes for storage and transportation of various types of products;
  • easy process of utilization of a packing.

Quick order of the combined packing of Sia "Jumeik"

The Sia "Jumeik" company is engaged in production of the combined packing from wood and cardboard. We make standard boxes, and also carry out individual orders on the projects and drawings provided by the customer. In addition boxes can be completed with dividers, packing fittings, and also painted in the necessary color, giving the products more accurate appearance.

Fill a short form of the order on our website, and our managers will contact you in the nearest time. You have an opportunity to order available packing for any types of products which will make loading-unloading works easy and convenient, and process of freight transportation  – economical, safe and practical.

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