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There is a considerable group of goods that require the most careful handling during their transportation, as well as during loading-unloading operations. Rather often owners of fragile products can't prove the fact of guilt of the transportation company, loaders or drivers that the goods have been spoiled, therefore the company has suffered substantial losses. In that case you can't to do without special devices – freight indicators.

The indicator of freight represents the special device which is used to control the conditions of transportation of goods. Such device allows defining the maximum degree of the various types of loading which have been rendered on freight in the course of transportation. The choice of indicators is made depending on features of freight – the weight, volume, and also proceeding from conditions of its transportation. Such devices are applicable at any kinds of transportations.

Indicators allow to fix violations of indispensable conditions of transportation thanks to what the owner of freight, in case of damage of goods, has the right to make an official claim to carrier and demand compensation of damage.

One more problem which needs to be solved for ensuring reliable and safe delivery of freight is protection of goods against unauthorized access. Special relevance this question gets when transporting technician, special equipment or other valuable objects. It is possible to secure goods against undesirable opening by means of special seals.

On universal seals it is possible to place additional information which serves as the identifier of freights. One of the main features of seals is an opportunity to monitor attempts of her illegal opening. Existense of seals also allows keeping number account of products in order to simplify the audit of freight and the rapid verification of data.

Tilt indicator

The tilt indicator is a device that determines the implementation of capsizing or overturning the goods during transportation. The indicator device is fixed directly on the packing in which the freight is located. In case that in way the freight deviates the initial position on a certain corner, the indicator is painted in the designated color.

This device represents the best control method of transportation of those products which surely have to be in a vertical arrangement. The owner of freight who has received a product with the activated indicator has the right to use it as official confirmation of violation of the delivery rules by carrier.

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Blow indicator

The indicator of blow is a device which allows to define the fact of blow or falling of freight at his transportation or during loading- unloading works. The device is reliably fixed on packing with a product. If during transportation the good is exposed to physical impact which exceeds admissible value, the device gets a certain coloring. To return the device to the former position doesn't represent an opportunity any more, thanks to what the recipient will be surely informed on violation of the rules of freight transportation.

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Temperature indicator

The indicator of temperature gives an opportunity to control the temperature condition of freight at his transportation or storage. Temperature sensitive production is to be monitored in transit thanks to the device which fastens directly on a packing.

If temperature increases above a certain level or is below critical value, the indicator device is painted in the provided color. At the same time, changing the conditions of goods transportation on a short period, leads to minor change of indicators color

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To protect the packing of freight from unauthorized opening are used numbered seals. The construction of seals is developed taking into account features of the packing for which they are used. The risk of casual damage of such fixers is minimum. Each seal, as a rule, has own unique number which is fixed for the further accounting of the delivered goods. Seals allow not only to protect freight from opening, but also increase the reliability of control and exclude risk of substitution of goods.

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