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The packing fittings represent special elements and details which provide the strength, durability of packaging, and also make loading-unloading works more convenient and safe for goods. Such auxiliary parts, which are fixed on the packaging, are indispensable components in the production of reliable and high-quality packing suitable for the storage and transportation of various types of goods.

The fittings which supplement a wooden packing considerably simplify process of transportation and use of packing. The box, equipped with all the necessary fittings, much more reliably protects the freight from undesirable influences and damages, as it has much higher strength and wide functionality.

Packing Sia "Jumeik" can be supplemented with such metal fittings:

  • handles of various types and sizes;
  • a strengthening tape for boxes;
  • loops for fixing of seals;
  • corners, pockets and fetters;