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foto.jpg Different types of a packing are rather often made of fresh wood. Such material may contain a number of harmful microorganisms – microbes, larvae and other wood wreckers. Existence of such microorganisms on the package can lead to their getting on the packing contents, as a result of which the freight will be irreparably damaged.

Emergence of this problem became the reason of development and adoption of the special document which concerns obligatory sanitary and phytosanitary processing of the packing products made of wood. In 2002 has been approved the ISPM 15 standard in which are recorded norms of regulation of a wood packing at international trade.

The requirements which are presented in ISPM 15 designate that the wood used by production of packing materials has to be carefully purified of bark, and also be correctly disinfected from wood wreckers. Wooden packaging that passes customs at international transport in the European Union, must necessarily undergo phytosanitary treatment in accordance with the established standard procedure. Packaging from wood undergoes careful customs control when leaving the territory of the European Union, and also is subject to check after arrival in the final destination.

Phytosanitary treatment (ISPM 15 standard)