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Competent storage and safe delivery of goods to the end user – one of the priority tasks of any business connected with sales. Incorrectly chosen packing can do harm to valuable freight and deprive of him initial useful properties. It will lead to the fact that realization of goods will become impossible, and the company will suffer severe financial losses. It is for these reasons that the choice of material for packaging should be taken as seriously as possible.

Today the plywood packing is very popular, it represents one of the most democratic variant of packing from the point of view of a combination of reasonable price and worthy quality. The packing from plywood is meant as the boxes practically any sizes made of wood and wood layered plates. Directly plywood is made of veneer, several layers of which are superimposed on each other in a special way and are carefully glued.

Areas of application of plywood packaging

Plywood boxes – a universal type of packaging which differs in a considerable range of spheres of its application. Wide distribution of this type of packaging is served by his ease and universality. Plywood has the high level of stability to moisture and doesn't represent itself phytosanitary threat. At the same time, some types of plywood packing contain a framework from wood which quality is confirmed by the corresponding standardized documentation.

The most often plywood packing is applied to the placement and different transportation of the equipment and devices. High durability of boxes in combination with small weight allow to transfer without effort such packing and it is easy to perform loading-unloading works. This factor is especially important in cases when the weight of packing plays a key role, for example, at air transportation.

Due to the high level of resistance to the influence of climatic conditions, the plywood packing is used for constant placement of freights in warehouses for a long time. Packaging, which is used for the warehousing of products, can be supplemented with dividers, fasteners or cushioning materials. Additional elements promote more reliable storage and safe transportation of production. Plywood boxes are widely used for constant placement of tools, spare parts and mobile equipment.

Packing from plywood: benefits and advantages

Increasingly, boxes made of plywood are used for packaging products of various types. It is promoted by a number of advantages which are possessed by this type of a packing:

  • high technical characteristics which include water-repellent properties and resistance to influence of microorganisms;
  • resistance to temperature drops and climatic influences;
  • long service life thanks to which the packing from plywood can be reused;
  • presentable appearance of boxes;
  • combination of high durability and lightweight of a packing;
  • convenient process of packing of freight, and also transportation and loading-unloading works;
  • an opportunity to dismantle boxes and to reduce the area of the place taken by them;
  • fast and easy process of production.

Advantages of a plywood packing before wooden

Boxes made of wood, certainly, are rather often used when packing freights of various weight and volume. At the same time, the plywood packing has a number of indisputable advantages before packing made of wood, namely:

  • considerably the smaller weight and volume of packing from plywood thanks to what expenses on transportation are significantly cut down;
  • an opportunity to store empty plywood boxes in disassembled form which occupy at the same time the smaller space of the warehouse, than a packing made from wood;
  • moisture resistance of a plywood packing and protection from destruction by microorganisms, unlike wooden boxes which are subject to this factor of negative impact;
  • more accurate appearance of packing from plywood, than wooden packaging.

Plywood packing to order Sia "Jumeik"

Specialists of Sia "Jumeik" are engaged in production of a plywood packing of any size, with full consideration of all the features of the goods that will be stored and transported in it. Boxes from plywood can be additionally equipped with fasteners, handles, metal packing tape, as well as runners and other additional elements. We also equip products with packing fittings and mark packing by transport signs according to the requirements of the international standards. It is very simple to order the production of a plywood packing –  just fill out a simple form or refer to the specified numbers on the site.

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