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The companies which activity is connected with transportation or storage of fruit and vegetables invariably need a qualitative packing for placing such a whimsical good. It is necessary to approach packing of fruit and vegetable products with special care. Fruit and vegetables have to keep freshness at their transportation and placement. It is extremely important to protect the products from damages and to keep her attractive appearance to the final destination – a shopping basket.

The best variant for storage and transportation of fruit and vegetable products which considers all features of these goods is wooden boxes. The ecological material from which the wooden packing is made doesn't harm products and is simplest in leaving. Thanks to a special design, such boxes facilitate the process of transporting products. The special structure of the rack boxes allows the air to circulate freely, whereby fruits and vegetables are less prone to rotting or deterioration. The companies which care for safety of the transported vegetables and fruit steadily choose wooden boxes for placement of own products.

Features of production of a wooden packing for fruit and vegetables

Professionals of Sia "Jumeik" make wooden boxes for storage of fruit and vegetables from different types of wood. Strong wood has considerable loading capacity. If necessary, the boxes can be also additionally reinforced with a bar. Production of Sia "Jumeik" is made on the high-precision equipment thanks to what finished products completely meet all requirements of our clients.

The construction of a wooden box for placement of fruit and berry production combines ergonomics, safety and high quality. Such packing can be continuous to protect production from harmful ultraviolet, and can have gaps which allow air to get freely to contents and make it possible to watch without effort the integrity of vegetables and fruit. The products of Sia "Jumeik" undergo phytosanitary treatment and are completely protected from microorganisms or processes of rotting.

The construction of wooden boxes for storage of fruit and vegetables Sia "Jumeik" can differ, depending on features of products which will be placed in them. In addition, if the customer wishes, it is also possible to supplement such packing with special picks, handles, holders or other packing fittings. Such additions significantly facilitate the process of goods transportation.

Advantages of wooden boxes for fruit and vegetable products

Wooden boxes of Sia "Jumeik" for storage of fruit and vegetables have a number of advantages that make it an ideal variant for placing this whimsical good, namely:

  • rather small weight of boxes does the processes of storage, loading, unloading and transportation simple, convenient and reliable;
  • high strength of the products makes it possible to reuse this packing many times;
  • universality of boxes allows to place in them any fruit, vegetables or berries;
  • high loading capacity of packing makes it possible to place considerable volumes of products in it;
  • neat appearance of the packing;
  • the wooden packing doesn't need special leaving and differs in the practicality – it is enough to clear such products from pollution;
  • the construction of boxes with gaps for vegetables and fruit provides existence of effective ventilation, so that products do not rot and mold as a result of excess moisture;
  • integral boxes protect from harmful ultraviolet those vegetables and fruit which under the influence of sunshine ripen or spoil quicker;
  • the packing made from natural wood is eco-friendly and safe, so that vegetables and fruit aren't exposed to influence of harmful substances and can be stored in such boxes for a long time.

Individual production of wooden boxes for fruit and vegetables Sia "Jumeik".

Specialists of Sia "Jumeik" are engaged in the production of reliable and qualitative wooden boxes which are ideal for placement and transportation of fruit and vegetable products. We make a packing by individual orders thanks to what our boxes are ideal for each separate case.

Depending on requirements of the customer, boxes of Sia "Jumeik" can be:

  • integral or trellised;
  • from any kinds of wood;
  • facilitated or strengthened by a bar;
  • folding or dismountable;
  • with packing fittings or without additional elements.

If you look for a qualitative packing which will be able to provide safe and reliable storage of vegetables, fruit or berries, wooden boxes of Sia "Jumeik" is what you need. To order wooden packing is simple and very fast - just fill out the purchase form on our website or contact the specified numbers.