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Today the primary share of commercial activity is connected with trade. The industry gathers the increasing turns of development, and consumer demand steadily increases. Successful sale of goods can't be provided without reliable, ergonomic and safe packing. The wooden packing became that type of packaging which is capable to create all conditions for the maximum preservation of products, to protect it from negative impact of the external environment, and also from deformation. Packing from natural wood is favorably allocated against the background of other packings not only with a number of special functional properties, but also by its presentable and solid appearance.

Lately the wooden packing has turned into an irreplaceable element of any business activity connected with storage and transportation of freights. Boxes from wood are intended for transportation of goods of various weight, and also for placement of production in warehouses. Such packing significantly facilitates loading-unloading works, has representative appearance, and also perfectly protects contents from damages. Massive wooden boxes allow to transport contents in any point of the world in complete safety and security.

Features of production of a wooden packing

In the production of a wooden packing Sia "Jumeik" there is used exclusively natural wood which has the high level of durability, the average density and resistance to rotting processes. Boxes are made of boards and a bar of own production.  It is allowed to use boards of natural moisture, as well as dry and planed.

In the production of an export packing raw materials must be treated with a high temperature regime to meet requirements of ISPM-15, and ready boxes are subject to marking and setting standard indicators of freights. The progressive equipment and modern production base allow Sia "Jumeik" to make strictly standardized boxes, so that the finished products are very simple in assembly.

Depending on the customer's requirements, in addition the packaging from wood can be reinforced with a metal band, stitched by brackets or reinforced with bars. If necessary, liners, nests, partitions are installed inside boxes, there are also mounted handles for transportation and other types of fastenings. Such additional elements allow to expand a scope of a wooden packing, do it more functional and universal, and also guarantee protection and safety of any kinds of freights.

Wooden boxes of Sia "Jumeik" are applied to placement and transportation of different types of products, including heavy industrial, non-standard and large-size. Such packing is perfectly suitable for transportation by means of the opened or closed motor transport, railway delivery, sea and aviamessages. Besides, the packing from wood is suitable for storage of production at difficult climatic conditions.

Advantages of a packing from wood.

The wooden packing is even more often applied at storage and transportation of various production. It is connected with benefits which provide the boxes made of wood namely:

  • high level of safety of freights, reliable protection of contents against physical damages, climatic factors and deformations;
  • a possibility of strengthening the level of durability of boxes, installations of additional elements for the purpose of increase in their functionality;
  • universality of the use of a wooden packing for placement of various types of contents;
  • convenience of storage and placement of goods in the warehouses, commission of loading-unloading works and transportation;
  • simple process of production of a packing;
  • the representative appearance of natural wood gives to such packing special esthetic characteristics, does it presentable and impressive.

Individual production of a wooden packing

Specialists of Sia "Jumeik" have considerable experience in production not only a standard packing, but also wooden boxes by individual orders. The packing by order is made with the strict accounting of features of products which will be placed in it. The packaging must clearly meet the requirements that are put forward to it, reliably protect the production from different damages and have resistance to influence of climatic factors.

At production of an individual packing very important that the customer has provided the most exact information on the production which will be stored in wooden boxes. Our experts work according to the drawings, paintings, photos and parameters which are provided by the customer. Masters are always ready to give advice in each case to make a packing stronger and convenient, and also can propose alternative variants or interesting solutions. Besides, it is possible the departure of experts on the territory of the customer and production of a turnkey packing.

Do you need reliable wooden boxes for packaging, storage or transportation products that will protect the contents from damage the best way? It is very simple to order a wooden packing – fill a quick form of purchase or refer according to numbers specified on the website. Our managers will answer the arisen questions, consult at the choice of the most suitable type of a packing and will calculate the cost of packaging production.

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