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About company

The key activity of Sia "Jumeik" - is the production of wooden and combined packing. Production of the company is presented by various types of the packing-cases made of environmentally friendly raw materials. Packing from Sia "Jumeik" completely conforms to requirements of the international ISPM 15 standard.

The key purpose of Sia "Jumeik" – high-quality providing clients with a reliable packaging wooden packing for placement and transportation of various freights. The combination of available cost and worthy quality in our production  makes Sia "Jumeik" packing the leader in this niche.

Sia "Jumeik" also makes wooden packing-boxes under the order. Production of customized packing happens to the strict accounting of all individual client requirements to packing. The development of customized boxes is made according to the drawings, sketches, projects, schemes or technical requirements of the client. We provide a guarantee for complex compliance of ready packing materials to all agreed parameters.

Besides production of a wooden packing, we also provide a number of additional services:

  • Delivery of production across the territory of Europe and beyond her limits, including development of competent logistic schemes. Boxes can be delivered already assembled or in disassembled format.
  • Placement and storage of packing in a warehouse.
  • Marking of boxes with conventional symbols according to the international standards which is necessary at commission of the international transfers of freights.
  • Installation of seals, and also applying indicators of careful handling with freight.

Why it is necessary to apply to Sia "Jumeik"? Because today our company is:

  • the team of skilled managers and masters who help clients to optimize expenses on packing and also make production of decent quality;
  • raw materials and materials for production of a packing from the veryfied suppliers who completely correspond to a number of requirements;
  • modern production base and progressive equipment;
  • careful control of finished goods on compliance to special standards;
  • well-established delivery system;
  • flexible price policy.

Additional information can be obtained, having addressed by phones specified on the website.