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Eine Holzkiste

Guter Ladungsschutz mit Hilfe von Holzbehältern

Eine Holzverpackung von Sia «Jumeik»

Angenehmer Prozess der Verpackung und Be -und Entladungsarbeiten, sowohl manuell als auch mechanisch.


Reliable lading protection by means of a wooden packing.

Success of any commercial enterprise connected with transportation of goods depends on competent transportation of goods. Only receiving qualitative production by the client without the slightest defects will allow the owner of business to earn the maximum profit. The main condition of safety of goods in the course of their storage and transportation - is the correct and reliable packing, which has not only carefully preserve freight against damages, but also have a presentable appearance.

Wooden packing – the most qualitative type of packaging which is applied to placement of any types of freights. Wood is steady against influence of negative factors of the environment and in the best way preserves goods against physical impact. The boxes made of qualitative wood materials reliably protect contents from damages, and also do process of transportation and loading-unloading works the most convenient. Wooden boxes are perfectly suitable for their use as a warehouse packing for continuous storage of various contents, and also have esthetic and accurate appearance.

What the wooden packing is made of?

As the main raw materials at production of wooden packing are used timber of various types, such as:

  • packing or planed board;
  • plywood;
  • timber;
  • plates of OSB or MFP;

The choice of material for packing production directly depends on weight and the volume of production which will be stored in her or be transported. For storage of light materials are used plywood boxes, and at placement of heavier and dimensional objects it is impossible to do without the wooden packing made of OSB or MFP. There are  rather often applied the combined boxes which bottom is made from a board, and walls and a cover – from MFP, OSB, plywood or a cardboard.

For ensuring higher resistance of a wooden packing to atmosphere precipitation, it is possible to upholster it additionally with glassine. Boxes in which are stored and transported fragile materials are additionally strengthened by means of a layer of foam or filling of shock-absorbing material. Such packing can be used for safe transportation of the expensive equipment or even objects of art.

Advantages of storage and transportation of goods in a wooden packing.

Wooden packing provides indisputable conveniences at her use among which:

  • ensuring full protection of goods against mechanical damages, deformations and influence of the external environment during his storage, loading and transportation;
  • a possibility of placement in wooden packing of any contents with various weight and volume;
  • the most compact arrangement of freight in warehouses or in transport in boxes of square shape;
  • fast process of production of a wooden packing;
  • a possibility of production of individual boxes with partitions, consolidations, bindings and with the set durability level;
  • available cost of packing;
  • the convenient process of packaging, unpacking and loading-unloading operations, both manual and mechanical.

Wooden container from Sia "Jumeik"

The Sia "Jumeik" company is engaged in production of a wooden packing. We make packing-cases only from environmentally friendly materials. Own production base and the progressive equipment allow us to make a wooden packing which completely meets all necessary requirements of the international standard ISPM 15  and perfectly is suitable for rail, automobile and air transportation. We also produce labeling of packing-cases and install the standard indicators of freights, necessary at commission of international trade.

Our specialists provide the help at the choice of the necessary type of a wooden packing for transportation of concrete goods, with the complex accounting of their features. We also develop non-standard types of packaging which are necessary for transportation of oversized heavy objects or products with the high center of gravity. In such packing are surely provided fastenings for fixing of contents in boxes.

To order a reliable wooden packing for packing of any kinds of freights – fill a simple form of purchase or call the specified numbers. Our managers will pick up the most favorable type of packing for your goods, make the calculation of its cost and help you to issue the order.